Win a union election

How To Win A Union Election

H. Sanford Rudnick and Associates, Labor Consultants to Management, is nationally recognized for keeping employers non-union. 

We have taken our many years of experience in winning Union elections and educating employers on how to remain a Union Free Organization and have created a videos educational program and twelve (12) handouts to give to your employees during election.

There are 12 handouts available in both English and Spanish.  They have been prepared exclusively for Employers to show to their employees that it is not in their best interest to vote for a Union.

These handouts cover:

1. Union card signing campaign 

2. False promises by Union election petition filed

3. Lottery of promises election schedule

4. Collective bargaining: Strikes 

5. Is it possible 

6. What does a Union mean?

7. Red tape maze 

8. Nothing to lose

9. Give the Company a chance

10. How to vote 

11. Union facts & video 

12. Questions and answers


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