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Sanford Rudnick has written a book called "Life is Peace" which is a five step process to resolve any conflict. He has donated his books hundreds of libraries, museum and religious institutions around the world to help many countries learn how the simple process on how to resolve conflcit. You can see the many references of the museums and libraries who have accepted this book in the US and throughout the world. This book helps nations, Employers, their employees and individuals learn a simple 5 step process to resolve conflict. In fact, he has created the SHR University to teach Employers and Nations how to solve any conflict.

  • SHR University
  • Seminars on the National Labor Relations Board
  • How to achieve a favorable collective bargaining agreement
  • How to win union elections
  • How to create a video to fit within the parameters of your Company and your Union
  • Conflict resolution for Employers and Nations
  • Stream line your Human Resources Department

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