How To Win A Union Election - In Less Than 20 Minutes:

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SUMMARY - H. Sanford Rudnick and Associates, is nationally recognized for keeping employers non-union. Now we have taken our many years of experience in winning hundreds of Union elections and educating employers on how to remain a Union Free Organization and created a video called "Facts About Union Elections: Questions and Answers." More than 1,000 companies have used this video!

  • The effects of Union promises
  • The effects of the cost of Union membership
  • The effect of signing a Union card
  • The effects of collective bargaining
  • The effects of strikes
  • The effects on employee's wages and benefits during the process of collective bargaining
  • The effect of an appeal of the election on employee's wages and benefits
  • ...and many more topics which are important to your employees in the election

This video is a MUST for your employees and CANNOT BE OBTAINED FROM ANY OTHER LABOR CONSULTANT OR LAW FIRM. Each video comes with a brochure outlining the questions and answers on the video for employees. Order by e-mail here

How To Win A Union Election - In Less Than 20 Minutes: - Videos

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