J Vision

24.95 plus tax and shipping ($12.95)

The 5 Steps to Creating a Positive Work Environment

24.95 plus tax and shipping ($12.95)

Custom Video Seminars

Let us taylor a seminar to the specific needs of your organization whether it be NLRB consulting, EEOC expertise, etc.

Understanding the Process of Collective Bargaining

24.95 plus tax and shipping ($12.95)

How To Achieve Job Satisfaction For Your Employees

Now there is a simple publication which gives you a 5-step process to achieve job satisfaction for your employees and to stay Non-Union.

To order, c...

Fundamentals of Labor Law Regarding Unions

Terminating Employees - A TEN FACTOR TEST

What to expect when a Unfair Labor Practice Charge is Filed at the NLRB - Ten Step Proces

How to Play Hard B...

How To Win A Union Election - In Less Than 20 Minutes:

SUMMARY - H. Sanford Rudnick and Associates, is nationally recognized for keeping employers non-union. Now we have taken our many years of experience ...

The Peace Tree

$24.95 plus tax and shipping ($12.95)



How the Five Letters of Peace Can Teach You to Resolve Any Conflict


Why I Need A Formula To Live By

$24.95 plus tax and shipping ($12.95)

A Holocaust Remembrance of Milk and Honey.

Reference Letters:

Holocaust Museum and Study Cente...


$24.95 plus tax and shipping ($12.95)

The book "G Power", the story of the "five thorns" will show Christians how the formula in the fiv...


$24.95 plus tax and shipping ($12.95)

The book the "IJourney", shows how the five letters and principles in the word "Islam" can make you...

J Vision. The story of Sampson the Golden Goat

$24.95 plus tax and shipping ($12.95)

One of the newest books from H. Sanford Rudnick & Associates. 

How Understanding the Six ...


$24.95 plus tax and shipping ($12.95)

The book of "H Power", "the story of lamb of karma", will show you how the five letters or formula i...


$24.95 plus tax and shipping ($12.95)

The book "B Vision" will show you how the six letters in the name of "Buddha" can make you a suc...

God's Formula

Teaching yourself, your employees or your children a life formula with the book God's Formula 

As you know teaching yourself, your employees and...


Do you or your employees lack the direction or motivation necessary to obtain success and meet your goals? After years of studying how to motivate ind...

Plan B. How to Achieve Success

Learn the fomula to resolve conflict and the formula for success. In Plan B, author H. Sandford Rudnick teaches you to plan, make goals, and seek to a...

LIFE is PEACE - How to Resolve Conflict (5-Step Formula)

Now there is a workbook called LIFE is PEACE to resolve conflict between employers and employees


Do you have conflicts within your ...

LifeVision - The Code for Conflict Resolution and Success (1...

Every day you have conflict in business or your personal life. Also, you are trying to meet your expectations on how to achieve success or to attain y...

Your Customized Video

Get a customized video on a specific union to win your election. 

H. Sanford Rudnick & Associates are dedicated to meeting your firm's needs ...

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