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Improve problem-solving and interpersonal skills and develop leadership and personal motivation with Conflict Resolution Coaching from Sandford Rudnick, author of LIFE IS PEACETHE PEACE TREE, and PLAN B How to Resolve Conflict.

Strengthen your skills and confidence by removing blocks and fears to taking responsibility and increase your awareness of certain behaviors and their impact on finding peace.

Sanford Rudnick offers an approach founded in his INSPIRING BOOKS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE and as a union labor consultant, conflict coach. As the founder of LifeVision and Union Expert, Rudnick builds customized presentations and provides group and individual coaching for businesses and organizations to:

Manage or work with ‘difficult’ people

Prepare for difficult conversations

Learn win/win negotiation skills

Managing differences and co-working effectiveness

Resolve the conflict between team members

Build interpersonal skills

Build conflict resolution skills

Deal with rejection and its impact on motivation and leadership

Rudnick helps address personal and professional issues that impact performance and company goals. He can provide conflict coaching in-person, over the phone, or online.

 Direct: 925-256-0660 OR Toll Free: 800-326-3046

Working with HR advisors is essential for supporting and coaching managers to resolve Conflict at the earliest stage. Rudnick will help train your HR advisors to be conflict coaches. Conflict coaching is also a valuable tool to support anxious or resistant parties to engage with business, including developers and environmental groups. As an Employer Advocate, Rudnick can advise when best to mediate, what situations are suited for mediation, and how to engage reluctant parties.

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Life Vision's Conflict Resolution Seminars demonstrate how to resolve conflict for individuals, schools, businesses, children, and nation-states. The courses focus on a mathematical format to resolve a dispute with the five letters of PEACE.




Life vision is a powerful, self-directed approach by Sandford Rudnick, to enhance the quality of life by reducing and resolving conflicts and achieving increased motivation. The key to success is the knowledge contained in four information-packed books; LifeVision - The Code for Conflict Resolution and Success (14 step formula), Life is Great Fun, Life is Peace, and God's Formula.

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